Champions Code of Conduct

Respect Other Players

SmashMuck Champions is a respectful community. We do not tolerate any swearing or cyber bullying behavior of any kind. Any violations involving such actions can result in warnings, temporary Account suspension, and Account termination.

Do Not Share Personal Information

Never reveal information about your Name, Phone Number, Address, or any other personal information. Do not share your SmashMuck Account Password. Doing so may jeopardize the security of your Account. The SmashMuck team will never ask for your Password and will only communicate to you via your Account Email Address. The SmashMuck team is not responsible for stolen Accounts. If you have any questions about your account contact:

No Inappropriate Chat

References to drugs and alcohol-related activities, sexual, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate chat is not permitted. Players using inappropriate language can be subject to warnings, temporary Account suspension, and Account termination.

No Offensive Account Names

Players that have created inappropriate Account Names will be required to change their Account Name at the request of SmashMuck Support. Failure to comply will result in an automatic Account Name change or termination of the Account.

Don't Be Disruptive to Play

Do not be disruptive to the playability of the Game or the normal functionality of the Game. Causing grief, aggravation or alarm to other users, or otherwise restricting or inhibiting any other user from using and enjoying the Game is prohibited. Deliberately using bugs or loopholes, or disrupting the flow of chat in chat rooms, "spamming" chat messages (rapidly committing chat messages), or disrupting a team's movement or actions while in a Game are all considered disruptive to play.

Participate in Games You Join

The SmashMuck community thrives on players participating fully in Games. Players that refuse to participate in a Game severely disrupt the Game for everyone else. When joining a Game, be sure you have enough time available to complete it. Players that leave Games early will be given warnings and penalties. Repeat offenders can be subject to further penalties including temporary Account banning and termination.

No Cheating

Any use of third-party programs or services to cheat is prohibited. Players who use any third-party programs while playing risk being permanently banned from the game. The use of third-party programs to alter game information will result in an Account termination.

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