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Thread: Scathe's highlight-Whiplash cannot be obtained



As you can see from topic name I have problem with Scathe's highlight Whiplash (Hit 2 or more enemies with one tail slap).
I tried it with players,bots,minions EVERYTHING and i still cannot obtain it,I asked some players and they told me that more highlights are bugged not just this one. Maybe it is because Scathe's 2nd “spell“ was renamed from Tail Slap to Tectonic Slam.So i will be happy if you can try to fix it and other players tell me if you got it and if yes then tell me if it was when tail slap was tail slap or when it was already Tectonic Slam.

Info: I am from Slovakia so my English is bad.



Hey Misko,

The developers stopped developing this game since January this year. So I don't think there will be a fix for this anytime soon. As other players have already told you correctly, there are other highlights that are bugged, as well. However, the servers are still running so the devs didn't completely give up on this game I suppose.

For now, just enjoy the game and submit bug reports from within the game without expecting them to be fixed anytime soon. And maybe one day the game will hopefully make a comeback (I'm still checking the forums regularly for that forum post from the devs where they announce the comeback!).



I could not have said that better. As of right now, the highlights similar to that (like Kovax's hit three enemies with Trash Wave) cannot be obtained. It does kind of suck, but what truly sucks is that the Devs have discontinued Smashmuck Champions. They have hinted that they have some sort of plan for a comeback, but nothing else recently.