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Thread: It's Time


Hey guys,long time no see

(If you were wondering i left SMC for good,i didn't to be honest)

Alright let me skip to the point
So how have you guys been?
I know it's been awhile since you guys played random matches with me
I feel like I'm getting back to SMC ASAP
Anyone wanna spar with me when i get back?
I know you would like to
And my answer is,BRING IT ON

Another thing,
I kinda miss you guys/gals(some of them)
So i decided to come back to SMC
What say that we have the SMC spirit and get back to SMASHING!
Sounds good?

Alright then
Hope to see some of the veterans back in the game


I always will be there, not on august (traveling) but I return on september so... hope to see you.
Waiting for new news DEVS ^^


I will always be waiting for the devs announcement and then I will bunnyhop around the park next to my house with joy. I'm currently in a tight situation as of work, but it should be over in about a week and a half. I look forward to playing with you guys agian


Glad to hear from both of you,hope to see you back in the game soyacan,
(Psst,i still have that wish of mine that hasn't been granted)
And that is....
Chatting on skype with you~

Have a safe trip mindcedeka!
I hope that you have a nice time while traveling~

This is all i can say,hope to see new veterans in-game



:) Feel free to add me on skype anytime. Usernamen is just soyacan


Yeah, I want to get back, not sure when though.


Is the devs back still?


I'll be back whenever some Devs come back, hard for me to play a game when it has nothing going on. I'll keep looking at the forums frequently just hoping to see some good news.


me too


I realize i'm late to this party, But i'm ready to bring it on, its been too long.


Hey guys!

We should put a specific day/hour and play like the old times(: