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Patch Notes: Version

10/31/2013 2:20:51 PM

The halloween patch is here! Including a new level, new modes, and 2 new champions! Here are the patch notes...

Version - October 30th, 2013
**NOTE** - Previous versions MUST patch in order to play games, you will not be able to join a match without patching your client.

- New Champion! The PAX fan designed champion has entered the arena! Kovax is here!
- New Champion! Xavilla uses laterns and totems to smite her foes.
- New Outfits. Geisha Ninjette, Kimono Killer Ninjette, and Atomic Mainframe.
- New Weapons. Jade Sword (Ninjette), Razor Fan (Ninjette), Electro Coil (Mainframe).
- New Map and mode size! Brutal Boneyard is a new Destroyer 3v3 map now available for play!
- New Destroyers can be found inside Brutal Boneyard!
- New Ninjette bundle! Get everything you need for the ninja in one bundle!
- New account upgrades replacing the older ones. User's who already purchased older upgrades will keep them.
- New post match screen that breaks down each award, highlights, and unlocks. Also shows each player who won a bonus.
- Controller support! The XBOX 360 is now natively supported. Other controllers should work as well, you might just need to rebind some of the controls.

- Melee attacking will now always attack in the direction of your targeter, but will stop if the target is facing away from the moving direction. "Always On" targeters can be turned off in the interface options.
- Melee attacks now hit all targets inside the melee cone.
- Each action can now have a maximum of 2 key bindings.
- Due to the binding changes, your settings will most likely be reset when you first start up the game.
- AI now understands the concept of "passing" carriable objects.
- Multiple AI improvements and changes.
- Lobby invites no longer require the user to know the password.
- Removed the character outline that shows up when behind objects.

New Champ Rotation (increased to 8 champions):

- Brutus
- Blitz
- Ace
- Kunak
- Dr. Jennifer
- Melody
- Oddilus
- Z-314
- Sprout

- Brutus' Sweep cast duration reduced to 0.15.
- Flame Spout casting time reduced to 0.
- Satellite Blast casting time reduced to 0.1, and damage increased to 150.
- Wing Blitz initial range decreased to 14, and secondary range to 8.
- Whirlwind's cooldown increased to 8, Damage increased to 270, and range increased to 8.
- Toss damage increased to 270.
- Darkbolts damage increased to 150.
- Blade Flurry damage increased to 280.
- Shell Shock damage increased to 230.
- Bunker Buster damage increased to 240.
- Mine Cone damage increased to 100.
- Turbo duration decreased to 3.
- Scathe base damage reduced to 105, physical resist to 32%, movement speed to 200, and energy regen to 31.
- Dr. Jennifer base damage increased to 100.

- Rejoining a match should function like you would expect it.
- Members being shown in an alliance but actually aren't in the alliance is fixed.
- Events with the same name will properly show the selected event, not the first in the list.
- Most UTF8 characters are now supported in the chat.
- Projectiles getting stuck in their starting position shouldn't happen anymore.
- "Play 25 games" and similar highlights are working again.
- Nexi's attack speed is now correct with 10 blood charges.
- Alliance level progress bar works again, and shows the correct numbers.
- Minions in Gauntlet will no longer get stuck in spawn.
- Resetting default settings will only reset the current option tab.
- Auto-Detect will properly select your monitors highest resolution.
- Updated Prowl and Stealth descriptions.
- Players should no longer get kicked for ping timeouts if you have a bad connection.
- Users with slower connections should see much better overall latency.
- Daily challenge stats will correctly update when a new daily challenge begins.
- Current Win/Loss streak is properly named.
- The matchmaker will show the proper amount of players in queue.
- Inventory will show proper numbers for titles, badges, and logos.
- Allow Invites option now works properly.
- Performance increases.
- More netcode improvements.
- Many minor fixes.